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    Language Reflections
Translations that are true reflections of the original.
by Christine Frederick and Silke Haidekker

Our experienced team of translators and consultants work together to provide you with translations of the highest quality. Christine and Silke translate solely into their native languages, accepting only assignments pertaining to subjects in which they have solid expertise.

Does your project involve more than just text? We specialize in translating all kinds of forms, graphs, tables, and photos with text. We do our best to provide you with a translated document that reads and looks like the original.

Translations are offered in the following languages:
  • German to English
  • English to German
  • French to English
  • French to German
(For other languages please see our project management and referral services.)

Translation needs are varied. If you need a specialized translation, such as a summary, tape transcript translation, or a recorded verbal translation done for informational purposes, cost savings or quick turn-around time, we will be happy to accommodate you.
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(Please go to the interpreting part of our web site to learn more about that service.)
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Editing & Proofreading
Even the best translations benefit from a review to catch embarrassing errors before public release. Our experience indicates that errors or inaccuracies are best identified by an individual not previously exposed to the translation, so consider using the editing and proofreading services we offer. Translations can be edited by a team member not previously exposed to the text, who has an appropriate background in the subject matter. A final proofreading cycle at exacting standards assures our clients that they will receive a product suitable for publication. Whether your translation needs a detailed primary review for reliability, grammatical precision and style, or a final review to eliminate minor mistakes, our translators are available to help.
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Web Site Localization
Present a polished, professional image of your company to a world-wide audience by putting our translation team to work for you! In the complex world of web page design we offer services that go beyond just translating your web site. Fully integrating a foreign language into your web site can involve web design and editing, advanced multimedia techniques, forms, programming scripts, etc. We are familiar with these needs and can work with your with web designer to integrate a foreign language into your web site both culturally and visually. Let us bring out all that your web site has to offer and create an international addition to your site which...
  • maintains and reflects your web site's unique style and character
  • invites a new group of visitors to stop and explore
  • makes it easy for your international clients to communicate with you
Want to add a truly international dimension your existing site? Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.
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Specialized Services
Other services we have provided include abstraction, summaries, tape transcript translations and recorded verbal translation services. While we do not normally offer these services we can help you with these areas of expertise. If we are not qualified to perform the work you require we will gladly refer you to a specialist in the field.

Other Languages - Project Management & Referral Services
We realize that your project may not always fall under our expertise. If we can not handle your project alone we will gladly manage your project for you, or we can refer you to a specialist in any field or language direction that you require. We are members of the American Translators Association, an organization dedicated to formulating and maintaining standards for professional competence in translation and interpreting. Through this organization we have developed relationships with other professionals whose quality work is known and whose standards are high. If we are unable to handle your project due to the nature of the requirements, specialized content, time constraints, or if you need language directions we do not offer, we can put you in contact with an individual or agency capable of professionally handling your specialized or large project needs.

Contact us to put our team's experience to work for you!

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